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January 17, 2018

Modern Day slavery – how you can help

by keith316
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It is a very sad fact of life that today, in 2018, people are being held against their will and being treated as slaves. Even in West Bromwich, there is a big problem. Within a mile of our food bank there have been 95 cases identified!

How do we identify slavery and what can we do about it? The following list tells us what to look out for and includes what to do if we suspect there is a problem.

  • several unrelated adults living at a single address
  • people being regularly collected very early in the morning and/or returned late at night
  • signs of injury, malnourishment and a general untidy appearance
  • people being isolated from the rest of the community
  • people who live and work at the same address in poor conditions
  • women being kept in houses where there are large numbers of male visitors
  • people who don’t know their address
  • people who cannot produce their documents
  • people who often seem anxious and fearful, especially in the presence of a ‘friend’ or
  • interpreter who appears to be controlling them and their answers

The official advice is, if you see something suspicious, no matter how small, please call


The UK MODERN SLAVERY HELP LINE ON  on 08000 121 700

Or call CRIMESTOPPERS anonymously on 0800 555 111.

A source of good advice is HOPE FOR JUSTICE who can be contacted via their website

The WEST MIDLANDS ANTI SLAVERY NETWORK are also a great source of advice. Click website for more information.

Modern day slavery is an emotive issue and not pleasant to deal with, but just maybe you or I could be part of the solution! Please do not pass by on the other side and ignore it.




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