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The food bank is open each Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12.00 – 2.00.

Hopefully, now that the lock down has ended things should slowly get back to normal with the various agencies reopening and able to see clients face to face. We do ask that anyone needing a food parcel should obtain a voucher before visiting our centre. If you use a job centre you can ask there for a voucher. Please note that the JC+ apply their own rules for any voucher requests.

Sandwell Council also run a scheme called local welfare provision. Please visit your local council office for more information or to request a voucher. You can apply online from the council’s website    Click on the benefits section and follow it through.

There is a useful website call Route2wellbeing which lists the many support agencies operating throughout Sandwell. Please visit https://route2wellbeing/info

While  we do our utmost to provide the appropriate food items, there will be times when the parcels given do not contain as much food as usual due to our stocks being low. Please bear with us when this happens.

Visitors  to the food bank centre should follow any safety advice given by a member of our team. The advice is there to protect you and our volunteers. Please note that anyone under the influence of alcohol or non prescription drugs will not be admitted and may be refused a food parcel.

Our office number is 0121 580 0068. Messages can be left when we are closed.


Stay safe!

The Food Bank Team