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The West Bromwich Community Church (WBCC)is based in Victoria Street at the heart of the town centre. In 2006 we began to explore ways in which we could support our community and after much thought we began to lay the foundations for a food bank. In 2006, food banks were relatively unknown although they had been in operation since 2000.

The planning began in 2007 and after setting up the necessary structures we opened for the first time on 17th December 2007. It was a very steep learning curve for us and even today, fourteen years later we are still learning! The demand for food banks has increased beyond what was first envisaged and we and other food banks are now firmly on ‘the front line’ fighting poverty and supporting people who are in crisis, often through no fault of their own!

The food bank is a vital part of the outreach and support ministry of WBCC. Other means of outreach includes a Luncheon Club for senior citizens which meets each Tuesday and our ‘Place of Welcome (a drop in centre which is open at the same times as the food bank). All our support outreach is under the umbrella of Making a Difference (MAD for short!)

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