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The food bank relies on a volunteer team to help deliver its service. Volunteers range from ages 13 to 80+. There are two main areas where volunteers are welcome.

Meet & greet. As visitors arrive at the food bank, they are met by volunteers who will give them a warm welcome. Their food vouchers are checked and where there is a choice of food, they are asked for their preference. Visitors are then able to have light refreshments while waiting for their parcel.

The meet & greet team will then chat to our visitors and where appropriate will signpost them to other agencies for support. A listening ear, empathy and the ability to communicate are essential for these roles.

Pick & Pack Our other volunteer team receive the vouchers and a packing list and fill the carrier bags with the appropriate food. They will then bring the packs out to the waiting client.

For all volunteer roles within the food bank, references will be required. Personal details are kept securely on line and are deleted once a volunteer leaves the food bank.

Volunteers are expected to keep confidential anything they hear during the course of their volunteering. A confidentiality agreement will need to be signed before a volunteer commences work.

For more information, please use our contact page to get in touch. Alternatively, you can ring us direct on 0121 580 0068.


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